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Look@MyBaby® is a suite of new and exclusive online services for parents with a bun in the oven or newborn.

We work with hospitals and industry partners to enable families to record their baby's milestones and connect with their new baby in hospital postnatal maternity wards, special care nurseries and neonatal intensive care units (NICU).

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Never forget the first yawns, stretches and smiles

We offer you a personal new online experience with the Look@MyBaby Book™.

Record all the first in a lifetime memories with your baby, to be treasured forever in your personal Look@MyBaby Cloud™ (unlimited free secure photo storage).

Invite your Family and Friends to share your excitement counting down to the big day.

Announce the arrival of your baby (or babies!), including real-time moments, direct from the hospital crib with live video Virtual Baby Visits™.

When babies need special care

Live video Virtual Baby Visits™ are used by hospitals in special care nurseries and Neonatal Intensive Care Units (NICU) to help Mums and families bond with their newborn when they are separated.

When siblings and family members are not allowed access to sensitive areas like the NICU, Look@MyBaby® provides special on-site viewing screens.

If parents must go home without their baby, we also provide remote access live video services.

We follow specific hospital protocols on how best our services will help families.

What people are saying

Having a baby is a personal time in your life.  We place great emphasis on offering you personal service via our Look@MyBaby® Concierge Team.

Look@MyBaby® Concierge Team Leaders

As a result, we enjoy wonderful customer Testimonials which speak for themselves.

You can jump on our social network pages and join the conversation to find out first hand what we are up to, and how Look@MyBaby® will work for your family.

You can also read about us and see us on TV in our News and Media section.

How it works

The Look@MyBaby Book™ is an online service for pregnant Mums, families with a newborn, or growing toddlers at home.

Enjoy a private and secure online record of baby photos, video and personal memory stories.  All stored securely and FREE forever in the Look@MyBaby Cloud™.

Look@MyBaby Cloud™

Includes mother-baby health education and other information from your hospital, plus live video Virtual Baby Visits™ from the hospital crib (subject to your hospital's protocols).

Parents JOIN NOW (FREE) and invite your Family and Friends.

You use your own mobile phone, tablet or computer to control your access and invitations. Grandparents and family use a secure and easy to understand username and password login on any device.

A personal Look@MyBaby® Concierge for each family ensures smooth sailing for everyone.

Congratulations on your new baby :-)

Some of our Member Hospitals


"Look@MyBaby is so lovely for relatives, especially from overseas. Now they see the newest member of their family in hospital."

- Sue Bradshaw, Manager Midwifery Services


"We offer Look@MyBaby to our patients to make sure we take advantage of latest technologies and solutions for quality healthcare."

- Sharul Bakar, Marketing Manager


"Families who are unable to visit babies in the unit are amazed by this great opportunity. We have a restricted visiting policy in our unit and therefore Look@MyBaby is a great asset to help families share their newborn baby with family and friends."

- Debbie Chiffings, Neonatology Clinical Care Unit


"Look@MyBaby is available for all our families as a tool to help them connect and support each other."

- Cherie Shaw, Community Development Manager


"We have patients with families all around Malaysia and the world. Making the best use of technology like Look@MyBaby makes all the difference for our patients getting the best possible experience."

- Fifi Fiona bt Hamzah, Public Affairs & Communications Manager


"We want to make sure Sg Long Medical Center can best engage with our patients in this technical world and take advantage of the innovations that are now available."

- Alexandra Chong, CEO