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Look@MyBaby® is an exclusive service for parents and families only at Member Hospitals.

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Sharing the first yawns, stretches and smiles

Families can now share the joy of their new baby like never before.

Our latest Look@MyBaby Book™ offers a beautiful online space for your family to come together.  It is dedicated to your baby with special keepsakes and memory collections your family will treasure forever.  

Invite your family and friends to share your excitement counting down to the big day.

Announce the arrival of your new baby in a wonderful online experience.  

Enjoy live video Virtual Baby Visits™ for the first hours and days in hospital and allow the family to share the once in a lifetime moments.  It is the perfect opportunity for loved ones overseas to meet your little bundle of joy.

Online visits mean less interruption to the baby, and more parent/baby bonding time - without anybody missing out!

The Look@MyBaby Book™ grows with your baby and family over time and in years to come all these heartfelt keepsakes will help you remember the joy of all your baby's special times.

When babies need special care

The Virtual Baby Visit™ is used by hospitals in special care nurseries and Neonatal Intensive Care Units (NICU) to help Mums and families bond with their newborn when they are separated.

Look@MyBaby® has a close relationship with each of our Member Hospitals.  We follow their protocols on how best to use our services to help families.

When siblings and family members are not allowed access to sensitive areas like the NICU, Look@MyBaby® provides special on-site viewing screens.

If parents must go home without their baby, we also provide remote access viewing services.

What People are Saying

Having a baby is a personal time in your life and we have great emphasis on offering you personal service via our Look@MyBaby® Concierge.

As a result we enjoy wonderful customer Testimonials which speak for themselves.

You can jump on our social network pages and join the conversation to find out first hand what we are up to, and how Look@MyBaby® will work for you.

You can also read about us and see us on TV in our News and Media section.

How it Works

The Look@MyBaby Book™ is a private and secure online record of your planning for baby's arrival.  Share the magic of the birthday in hospital, and all the first moments of childhood.

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With Member Hospitals connected to the Look@MyBaby® network, our hospital-LambCAM™ camera units are available for live video Virtual Baby Visits™.

The LambCAM™ sends one-way video showing only your baby in the cot. No sound is transmitted for privacy protection. Multiple viewers can watch at the same time without you needing to do anything.

You use your own mobile phone, tablet or computer to control your invitations and family access. Grandparents and family use a familiar username and password login on any device.

A personal Look@MyBaby® Concierge for every family ensures smooth sailing for everyone.

Congratulations on your new baby :-)

If you are lucky enough to be having your baby at a Look@MyBaby® Member Hospital don't miss the opportunity for your family to enjoy a whole new experience they are going to love.  It's just for you!

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Some of our Member Hospitals


"We have patients with families all around the world. Making the best use of technology like Look@MyBaby makes all the difference in ensuring our patients get the best possible experience."

- Nicolas Leloup, Head of International Marketing


"Families who are unable to visit babies in the unit are amazed by this great opportunity. We have a restricted visiting policy in our unit and therefore Look@MyBaby is a great asset to help families share their newborn baby with family and friends."

- Debbie Chiffings, Neonatology Clinical Care Unit


"Look@MyBaby is so lovely for relatives, especially from overseas. Now they get to see the newest member of their family in hospital."

- Sue Bradshaw, Manager Midwifery Services